TDR hosts Scientific Forum and Capacity Building Workshop

July 10th, 2015

TDR is hosting a Scientific Forum and Capacity Building Workshop in Geneva from 14-16 July 2015. The Scientific Forum is organised in collaboration with the International Development Research Centre - Canada (IDRC) and Centre Suisse de Recherche Scientifiques in Ivory Coast. The Capacity Building Workshop is hosted in collaboration with the IDRC.

The Forum and Workshop are part of the TDR/IDRC research initiative on Population Health Vulnerabilities to Vector-Borne Diseases. The three-day event will include researchers from a number of universities, representatives from WHO, WMO, IDRC, International Research Institute for Climate and Society (IRI) and private consultation and communication companies.

The Scientific Forum (14 July) has been designed to give research teams an opportunity to share their ongoing work with interested colleagues and partners. The day includes presentations on the TDR/IDRC Research Initiative, updates on the five research projects and a poster session. In addition, there will be a number of special lectures on how the environment impacts vector-borne diseases from a global and African perspective, as well as insights from other programmes.

The two-day Capacity Building Workshop (15-16 July) has the overall aim of strengthening the researchers’ capacity in their ability to generate, use and share research in the interdisciplinary field of climate and health-policy research. Within this overall aim, the workshop has the following objectives:

  1. To develop the research teams’ ability to appropriately use climate data and climate change scenarios as part of their research on vector-borne diseases.
  2. To enable the research teams to use concepts and methods for assessing social and economic drivers of vulnerability and opportunities for adaptation to climate change.
  3. To strengthen the research teams’ capacity to achieve influence and impact for the benefit of the poor and vulnerable in their countries, and to inform better policies and programmes.
  4. To promote the use of the online platform for knowledge sharing.

The Capacity Building Workshop is made up predominantly of a selection of short presentations and participatory sessions. The first day will include talks on vulnerability and adaptation, information about the research sites, climate change, health, vector-borne diseases and characterising social-ecological systems. Sessions for the second day focus mostly on data sharing, using web portals for sharing data, and will include the launch of the programme website.

Participants at the Scientific Forum and Capacity Building Workshop