Health and Climate Colloquium

From 8-10 June, the International Institute for Climate and Society organised and hosted the Health and Climate Colloquium. The purpose of the event was to help build a global community of health practitioners and policymakers that can use climate information as a means to support health delivery and improved outcomes in the context of a changing climate, with a focus on infectious diseases, nutrition and the public health outcomes of meteorological disasters. Attending the event were experts from research institutions, government, UN agencies, development and humanitarian organisations.

The meeting was sponsored by the following bodies: the WHO, including WHO-TDR; the World Meteorological Organization; the Global Framework for Climate Services; the World Bank Group; the Nordic Development Fund; the International Development Research Centre; the CGIAR research programs on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security, and Agriculture for Nutrition and Health; and the Earth Institute.

Multimedia Report

A multimedia report of the event has now been produced. This includes videos of interviews, lectures and panels, as well as powerpoint presentations and talk summaries. Click here to view the multimedia report.

Video Interviews

Video interviews were held with participants during the colloquium. Members of the TDR IDRC Research Initiative were featured in a number of these, including one posing the question What do you think is the biggest issue at the intersection of climate and health? This video features Lisa van Aardenne (Project D), Pascal Yaka (member of the SPT review committee), Paul Gwakisa (PI Project C), Brama Kone (PI Project E), Bernadette Ramirez (WHO TDR), Diarmid Campbell-Lendrum (WHO PHE) and Bruce Wilcox.

Posters and Presentations from the TDR/IDRC Researchers

The researchers from the TDR/IDRC research projects shared their research at the colloquium through a number of posters and presentations.

View the Poster for Project B

View the Poster for Project C

View the Poster for Project D

View the Poster for Project E

View the Presentation for Project C

View the Presentation for Project D

Members from WHO-TDR and the TDR/IDRC research projects in Palisades, New York. Photo: Thierry Baldet