Policy briefs shared during Research Uptake Meeting in Brazzaville

From the 25th to the 27th of April, WHO TDR jointly organised a Research Uptake Meeting with WHO AFRO to share the findings of the TDR IDRC Research Initiative on Population health vulnerabilities to vector-borne diseases: increasing resilience under climate change conditions in Africa. This meeting was held at the WHO Regional Office in Africa, in the Republic of Congo.

Too often, findings from research projects do not reach decision makers. Countering this, participants at the Brazzaville meeting included policymakers from ministries of health and environment. Principal investigators within the projects shared some of their results, and insights from the process. To ensure the information was accessible, and delivered in a way that could make a difference, policy briefs were produced and shared. Click on the links below to view the different policy briefs and learn more about the research projects and their findings.


Project B (Team Estambale): Malaria in Keyna

Project B (Team Estambale): RVF in Kenya


Project C (PI Paul Gwakisa): Trypanosomiasis in Tanzania

Project D (PI John Hargrove): Trypanosomiasis in Tanzania


Project D (PI John Hargrove): Trypanosomiasis in Zimbabwe

Côte d’Ivoire

Project E (PI Brama Kone): Schistosomiasis in Côte d’Ivoire

Project E (PI Brama Kone): Malaria in Côte d’Ivoire


Project E (PI Brama Kone): Schistosomiasis in Mauritania

Policy briefs covering multiple countries

Project C (PI Moses Chimbari): VBDs in Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe)

Front row (left-to-right): Magaran Bagayoko, Taku Kamau, Paul Gwakisa, Lemlih Baba Yarguate, Mahamed El Hacen Ould Khouna, Florence Fouque
2nd row (left-to-right): Martin Ota, Bernadette Ramirez, Isaac Nyamongo, Angele Luh, Aisha Owusu, Jubilate Bernard
3rd row (left-to-right): Brama Kone, Omer Célestin Pokou Kamelan, Lemrabott Cheikhna, Leon Guy Razafindrakoto, Mpho Selemogo, Radithupa Radithupa,
Last row (left-to-right): Thomas Scalway, Moses Chimbari, Margaret Tawodzera, Angella Kabira, Eunice Misiani, Charles Lange, John Hargrove
Not in photo: Zee Leung, Eugenie Gagne Doh, Birkinesh Ameneshewa