New Model Helps in Fight Against Deadly Parasitic Disease

IRI scientists and colleagues from South Africa are using satellites to detect seasonal water bodies that harbour schistosomiasis, the deadliest of the tropical neglected diseases. They have developed a new model based on data from satellites that helps identify areas likely to contain species of freshwater snails that serve as host to Schistosoma larvae.

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Prof. Moses Chimbari chairs UKZN College of Health Sciences' Annual Research Symposium

Professor Moses Chimbari, as Chair of the Symposium Committee, organised the University of KwaZulu-Natal's College of Health Sciences' Annual Research Symposium. In addition to local researchers from South Africa, six of the TDR/IDRC students from Kenya, Tanzania and Côte d'Ivoire were able to attend and give presentations at the symposium through the NRF Knowledge Interchange and Collaboration (NRF-KIC) grant.

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Three students from Project A graduate with their PhDs

On 14 April 2016, three students from Project A, the Malaria and Bilharzia in Southern Africa (MABISA) project, graduated with their PhDs in Public Health from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN), South Africa.

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UKZN scoops first prize at parasitology conference

UKZN postdoctoral student, Dr Owen Rubaba, and PhD student, Mr Resign Gunda, won first prizes at the 44th Parasitological Society of Southern Africa (PARSA) Conference for their research presentations.

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Research examines women's attitudes towards malaria

One of the students from Project A, Ezra Mutegeki, has just completed his knowledge, attitudes and practices studies. His focus was on malaria and he was working with women in a South African village.

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Research into bilharzia transmitting snails

A study conducted by UKZN postdoctoral student Dr Owen Rubaba on snails that transmit bilharzia shows that aestivation ability occurs in the first 5cm from the surface and declines with time.

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