Project C:

Research Uptake

Research Uptake Objectives

There are three groups of audience to whom the research is to be communicated. These are:

  1. The Maasai. A research action workshop will take place in order to encourage the use of acceptable and sustainable technology for vector control.
  2. Local health centres and authorities. The issues associated with the Maasai, climate change and disease spread must be highlighted.
  3. Policy makers. Policy makers should be made aware of VBDs under climate change conditions and required changes to policy. This will be channelled through the National Institute of Medical Research, and through media and awareness activities.

In general, research will be communicated through scientific journals, presentations at local scientific conferences, local media (newspapers, radio and television), stakeholder meetings, action reports to policy makers (particularly with regard to NAPA objectives) and the NMAIST website.

Why this project?