Research Components

The research study is made up of three objectives

The overarching objective of the research project is to study the relationship between meteorological variables, socio-economic, environmental, and socio-sanitary vulnerability factors and the transmission of malaria and schistosomiasis in order to develop appropriate strategies and tools for resilience. This main objective is made up of three specific objectives, and each objective is composed of different research components. The specific objectives are:

Objective 1

Describe the morbidity due to malaria and schistosomiasis as well as their socio-economic, environmental and socio-sanitary determinants in the context of climate change

Objective 2

Analyse the relationship between socio-ecological and climatic systems and the transmission of malaria and schistosomiasis

Objective 3

Develop, on a participative basis, adapted tools and strategies of resilience to malaria and schistosomiasis taking into accounts the current and future effects of climate change